Web Development

I am currently a web developer at the University of San Diego (USD). So far, most of my work comes from my tenure at California State University, Chico. Below outlines some of the development work I have done during my employment at CSU, Chico.

Chico State Main Website

I had considerable involvement in all phases of the most recent redesign of the Chico State website (project spanned 2008-2011), including initial research analysis, focus and stakeholder group sessions, information architecture analysis, standards–based template development, proofing, implementation, and post-implementation maintenance and user support.

Click the thumbnail below to view all pages that I was either responsible for building myself or as part of a development team, including Tony Dunn, David Stillman, and Ryan Sanders. Design work was done by my supervisor, Laura Kling.

Chico State homepage

Chico State Client Websites

While at Chico State I was the Web Development Lead, responsible for managing client web projects, building and updating websites in our web content management system, and client relations. My clients ranged from faculty and academic department staff, to student organizations, to colleges and administrative units on campus.

Click the thumbnail below to see examples of client websites that I developed.

Office of Admissions homepage

Custom, Database-driven Web Applications

Occasionally, a client requested a custom web application from my department. When this happened I was solely responsible for the design, develop, and support of these database-driven applications. Databases I have used include MS SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL. I have developed these applications with PHP, Ruby on Rails, or ASP with VBScript. Many of my applications include jQuery or Ajax functionality as well.

Part of my job at Chico State also included designing, developing, and supporting applications for the Academic Technologies (ATEC) Intranet. These tasks were solely my responsibility.

Click a thumbnail below to view my work for the Chico State Agriculture Farm Store or my work in the ATEC Intranet.

Chico State Farm Store homepage ATEC Intranet room reservation calendar