Portfolio Review, Color Theory 1

Title: Portfolio Review, Color Theory, piece 1
Year: 2008
Medium: Acrylic
Format: 7″ x 8″
Class: Portfolio Review (CDES 230) – CSU, Chico
Source: Photograph of my niece, Rachael Grace, taken by Rebekah Kengle, 2007
Details: Color model – warm and cool primary colors

©2008 Roberta C. Roebuck
Copyright © 2008 Berta C. Roebuck

Of the images below, the first is the source photograph posterized to a level of 12. The second is the outline transferred to illustration board with carbon paper. The third is the final painting converted to grayscale in photoshop, just to see how close I got to the original photograph. :)

©2007 Rebekah G. Kengle ©2008 Roberta C. Roebuck ©2008 Roberta C. Roebuck