“Of the Just Shaping of Letters” E-book

Title: Of the Just Shaping of Letters (by Albrecht Dürer)
Year: 2011
Medium: E-book
Format: 768px x 1024px
Course: CDES 431 (Publication Design) at CSU, Chico
Details: Designed and developed for a tablet by Berta C. Roebuck. Designed using Adobe InDesign (with Folio Builder) and Illustrator. Utilized the typeface, Sabon, designed by Jan Tschichold. Text was retrieved from Project Gutenberg.

"Of the Just Shaping of Letters" (by Albrecht Dürer), designed and developed by Berta C. Roebuck, copyright 2011
Copyright © 2011 Berta C. Roebuck

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